Kris Bryant is too good to be true.

In the past five years, the precocious Bryant has earned the National College Baseball Player of the Year, a top three pick in the MLB Draft, the Minor League Player of the Year, two All-Star appearances, National League Rookie of the Year and a Most Valuable Player award in his second year. Oh yeah, he also led the most deprived franchise in the history of sports to a World Series championship. No one has ever accomplished that cocktail of feats in the history of the sport, and Bryant did all of that over a five-year span.

There have been few more undeniable impacts created in life than the rocket ship that has been Bryant’s career to date. Most comparable storylines have come either from the pages of DC Comics or from New Testament lore.

OK, while that last part is bit hyperbolic, the scene is set. Baseball has been looking for a savior of sorts for a while now. It has been more than 20 years since Ken Griffey Jr. became the sport’s last mainstream crossover star. In the wake of that era, there has been a shifting visage of what player is the game’s foremost presence. Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, David Ortiz, Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Pedro Martinez, Albert Pujols and Derek Jeter have each carried that flag in some fashion or form at different points, all for various reasons. With all due respect to the fleeting (and later tarnished) impact some of them have made, it was a very select member who was able to stand tall throughout it all.

Derek Jeter became that man.

He was a tall, good-looking guy for whom the moment was never too big, the guy who wore the Yankee pinstripes as if they were his own personal baseball tuxedo. All the while, he was the biggest man in the biggest city in the world and embraced the requisite lifestyle it provided. Who doesn’t want to take a lap around his infamous "dating diamond" and see the treasures it beholds, and who else wouldn’t want to be the greatest winner of his generation and be in the inner circle of greats for the most renowned franchise in sports history as well?