Paul Konerko was in "another world" Thursday and hopes he never goes there again.

Konerko was scratched before Thursday's game with light-headedness after taking an anti-inflammatory and having a bad reaction. He said afterwards it felt like he had taken a sleeping pill.

“I felt fine through batting practice” he said. “I walked down the stairs and felt something come over me. I thought ‘Maybe I’m just overheated.’ I took a shower and it just kept getting worse and worse.

"I was groggy beyond belief. It was bizarre. I never had that happen. Usually I have a pretty strong tolerance for things.”

Told that the buzz over Twitter regarding the late scratch was that he had been traded Konerko laughed.

“Yeah I had been traded to another world for awhile” he said. “There were three hours I was kind of misplaced. I was out of it in the trainer’s room and the next thing I know I look up and it’s like the fourth inning.”