I think we all knew that it was going to be very tough for Kobe Bryant, one of the most relentless competitors in the history of sports, to hang 'em up at the completion of his contract like he has said he would, and now we know that he's having second thoughts. In fact, Bryant says he wants to play an additional five seasons after next season (when his contract expires).

Bryant said that in an interview with CNN Turkey that he has a set a new career goal: To play until he is 40. From the interview (translated by TrendBasket):

"My aim is to play until I'm 40 years old and I believe I can do that. This year, we added very good players to our squad. Steve Nash, Dwight Howard will make us stronger. Right now, things are not going very well but I believe it'll get better soon."

"During the lock-out, I had offers from Turkey and other countries. Besiktas was interested in me and they had talks with my agent, but I want to use the lock-out time to recover from my injuries and spend more time with my family so I turned the offers down. Who knows, maybe one day I play basketball in Turkey."

The catch here is that it was a solo interview with CNN Turkey and that he mentions that he may one day play in Turkey. Not to say Kobe is lying, but this could be more about marketing and future career endeavors than Bryant's actual aspirations to play in the NBA until he is 40.