The discussion of former Rutgers coach Mike Rice and his coaching antics has been near the top of the sports world as of late. Some people argue our society has become soft because we frowned upon him getting physical with his players and using harsh language when trying to "motivate" them. Others say what he's doing is abusive and not coaching at all.

Put Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant down for the latter. Appearing on Jim Rome on Showtime, Bryant offered up that what Rice did was abuse and something he wouldn't have allowed if he were one of the players.

In fact, Bryant said he "would have smacked the hell outta him" if Rice had tried to pull that stuff with him.

Rome asked Bryant if he would have done that at the age of 18. Bryant responded that a year later, he was going at it with Shaquille O'Neal. It's good to hear NBA players, especially someone as accomplished as Bryant, not condone this behavior from Rice.