If you’ve ever wondered why NBA writers type so fast, it’s because sometimes the direct quotes they report start to lose their validity before the ink is dry on the website.

OK, so one night Doc Rivers is calling his team soft. And just two and a half weeks ago he is saying the Celtics may jettison some underperformers if they don’t get their acts in order.

Cut to last night, and Kobe Bryant is casting an admiring eye toward a Shamrock AC that, in the wake of Rajon Rondo’s torn ACL, has won six consecutive games.

Got whiplash yet?

While Kobe’s Lakers have gone through a coaching change, several dozen mood swings and some verbal knives to the back, the Celtics now seem like a paragon of parquet virtue. The team that underachieved its way to a sub-.500 record is now an ascending 26-23 and amazing one and all with its will and guile, and a toughness conspicuously absent for the first many weeks of the season.

“It’s typical,” said Bryant. “Typical Celtics basketball. You know, they all just put their hard hats on and they go out and they play hard and they figure things out. It seems like whenever their backs are against the wall, you know, that’s when you really see the best from them.”

But wasn’t this the same team that, with an All-Star point guard, was neck and neck with the Lakers in the race to see who could fall shortest of their own expectations? Weren’t those the Celtics who got battered by double figures in three straight games out west between Christmas and New Year’s?

“Yeah,” said Kobe, “but then all of a sudden their backs are against the wall and then they perform and step up and play well, just like they did last year when they made that playoff run. That’s just what this team does. They kind of rope-a-dope you a little bit.

“You just figure things out. You just have guys step up and perform. You just have added responsibility, and you go from there.”