Continuing the Know Thy Self series, where we meet the roster of the 2012-2013 Atlanta Hawks, we take a look the only great lottery pick of the Billy Knight era, Al Horford.

Al Joel Horford

Twitter: Al_Horford

Nickname: Da Boss

Born: 6/3/1986 in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata is a upscale tourist destination in the Dominican Republic. The city has over 100,000 hotel beds. The year of it's founding is in dispute, but 1502 seems like a good possibility. The first European village in the New World was nearby La Isabela founded in 1494 by Christopher Columbus. One interesting feature of Puerto Plata is that it has a Christ the Redeemer statue, a replica of the famous one that overlooks Rio de Janeiro. Today, the Dominican Republic has one of the healthiest economies in Central America and the Caribbean based primarily in tourism (although shortstops run a close second). To call out a famous Dominican, I've got a soft spot for actress Zoe Saldana (or almost any other woman painted blue). Musically, the Dominican Republic is the birthplace of merengue music possibly best embodied by Johnny Ventura. A more modern representative of the music scene would be Fabolous. The most famous athletes from the Dominican Republic have to be the two guys to sign the largest contracts in the history of baseball, Alex Rodriguez and Albert Pujols.