The NCAA came down hard on Syracuse and head coach Jim Boeheim this month, and Duke's Mike Krzyzewski thinks it was excessive.

Krzyzewski appeared on SiriusXM/Mad Dog Sports Radio on Tuesday to discuss Syracuse's situation. Via CollegeBasketballTalk, the Duke coach provided his thoughts to host Chris Russo and said the punishment on Syracuse was too much:

Chris Russo: “Have you had a chance to talk to Jim Boeheim about what happened at Syracuse?”

Mike Krzyzewski: “Yeah, I talk to Jim all the time. We spend our summers together with USA Basketball and he’s my closest friend in coaching, and really one of the great guys in coaching and one of the great coaches of all time. I’ve talked to him since the sanctions, since everything’s been put out. I think they were hit excessively. I would hope that they will be given a chance to appeal and that some of these things will be lessened, especially the vacating of victories. He’s positive about the fact that he can keep his program at the high level that he’s had it and I’m sure he can do that. They certainly have the right to appeal, they will and I would hope that they get some favorable decisions made as a result of that appeal.”