The season has turned into a Bob Seger tune for the Knicks, and specifically for their best player.

Here I am, on the road again.

There I am, up on a stage …

Here I go, playing the star again

There I go, turn the page …

It’s a song James Dolan is probably far more familiar with than Carmelo Anthony, but there’s little doubt Anthony would nod with absolute familiarity as he reads the lyrics. The season is no longer about chasing a championship, is only peripherally about making what would amount to a miracle playoff run.

It is about survival, the way an old-fashioned rock-and-roll tour was. You can add however many elements you like to it — and Raymond Felton’s arrest the other day would certainly qualify as a significant one — but now so much of this season is about getting out alive.

And what happens next.

Anthony hinted Thursday before the Knicks got their heads handed to them by the Heat, 108-82, that he will take a lot of things into account when he makes the decision to stay or stray come summer — on-court stuff, off-court stuff, the whole gamut. It isn’t likely that this one incident will gum up the works — Anthony has been a basketball player for a lot of years; teammates find trouble on almost every team.

He has stated, forcefully, that money will not be his lone guidepost when he chooses his future. What he wants to see is a plan.

And it makes sense that what he’ll most want to see is the kind of leadership that can foster and execute a plan.

You wonder what he sees now. You wonder what he’d say if you gave him truth serum, if you loosened his tongue a little more. He’s on record saying he wants to give the Knicks a full accounting, it seems genuine that he’d like to stay around if it doesn’t think he’ll be throwing his career away.