Carmelo Anthony wants to know if the computer is broken.
Anthony reacted with surprise Wednesday when informed of a projection for the Knicks to go 37-45 this season based on an ESPN system called SCHOENE. That would be a steep dropoff from last season’s 54-28 record which was good enough for the second seed in the Eastern Conference.

“Sometimes there’s glitches in the computer’’ Anthony said. “That’s all I can say.’’

Anthony who will return to his hometown Baltimore on Thursday when the Knicks face the Wizards in a preseason game hates to hear any projections.

“I don’t follow that stuff — that’s it’’ Anthony said.
Mike Woodson said there were modest projections for the Knicks before last season too.

“Do they play?’’ Woodson asked. “It’s a computer system. I don’t think computers run up and down the floor. You still have to play the game guys. I don’t get caught up in that. I don’t have any control over the computers. The only thing I can control is our team and how we play.’’

The SCHOENE analysis factors in the injury-prone natures of Knicks forwards Andrea Bargnani and Amar’e Stoudemire and the offseason loss of 3-point marksman Steve Novak.
Still the overwhelming consensus has the Knicks finishing in the top five in the East. The SCHOENE projection has the Knicks seventh.