Knicks GM Glen Grunwald said Jason Kidd gave him no indication he was retiring.
“We had a great meeting with Jason yesterday,’’ Grunwald said in a end-of-season press conference with the media. “He was a big part of our success and we look forward to having him back next year.’’
Asked if Kidd hinted at all about having to reevaluate his future despite having two years and $6.2 million left on his pact, Grunwald said, “Not yesterday. It sounded like he was coming back.’’
However, Mike Woodson piped in, “I thought he was based on our conversation. But that could change, you never know.’’
Tyson Chandler, Kidd’s buddy, said Monday that Kidd needed to have a fresh mind to think about his future after the season ended on a 10-game scoreless drought and two consecutive second-half benchings.
“It wasn’t his role to score,’’ Grunwald said. “He contributed in so many different ways, it’s hard to list. I don’t think that was a big factor in our struggles in the Indiana series. He probably would’ve liked to make a few of those shots but he didn’t . That wasn’t the reason we lost.’’
Grunwald stopped sort of guaranteeing the Knicks will re-sign J.R. Smith but said his policy this offseason is not to say specifically they will definitely re-sign a player, probably because of the Jeremy Lin fiasco. Grunwald sounded as if Smith was in the plans.
“In general it’s best to maintain continuity,’’ Grunwald said, “with the same core group together. I’m not going to comment on any individual player because we’re not finished with our evaluation. I don’t think you should read that one way or another. I don’t think it would be fair to say , yeah, we really want him back.’’