As the youth movement plays out during the homestretch, it has become clearer that the Knicks view Frank Ntilikina as more of a shooting guard, less of a point guard.

The signs were there when they signed Trey Burke and traded for Emmanuel Mudiay. The ensuing games — including Friday night’s 128-105 defeat against the Clippers — have only reinforced that direction. Ntilikina’s minutes are up since the All-Star break but his assists are way down, a product of him playing off the ball while Burke and Mudiay act as the primary ballhandlers.

On Friday — with the Knicks (24-39) losing for the 11th time in the last 12 games — Ntilikina was never on the floor without either Burke or Mudiay until deep garbage time. The rookie also got into foul trouble while trying to stop opposing shooting guard Lou Williams and managed just six points and four assists in 20 minutes. It was a sad stat line and another reminder of where Ntilikina stands in the rotation.

As scouts have noted for months, Ntilikina isn’t quick enough with his dribble to play point guard in the NBA — at least not at this stage of his development. It hinders his playmaking abilities. On defense, Ntilikina’s length allows him to defend shooting guards — leaving Jeff Hornacek with the option to play the Frenchman alongside Burke or Mudiay.