When you start looking for reasons for the Knicks' horrid 3-10 start, you can pretty much pick where you want to target. Ball movement, basing your entire team around a brilliant but isolation-heavy star, Tyson Chandler's defense, having Andrea Bargnani be your only legitimate starter-quality option down low when Chandler went down, letting Jeremy Lin go, Mike Woodson and his insane lineup decisions, bad voodoo, or just plain old ball luck, those are all options.

But some look at the way this team is constructed, from the CAA-bejeweled front office to a general manager who replaced the guy who won 50 games last year having been installed days before the season, and wonder if the problems the Knicks face aren't the disease, but symptoms of the issues at the top.

A petition has been logged to remove owner James Dolan as Executive Chairman of MSG.

James Dolan has successfully run the Madison Square Garden Company in to the ground. He has hurt his product by consistently diminishing his production, The New York Knicks and The New York Rangers. It is best for consumers that he is removed and replaced by an individual that know how to run a business properly and will not give consumers a poor product.

via Remove James Dolan as Executive Chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government.

So, among the many reasons this will never happen are a. he's the effing owner and it would take an outright catastrophe for a board to oust him, even if such a thing is possible, and b. the Knicks make money hand over fist. They're valued at over $1 billion according to Forbes, and pretty much roll in dough. You can't scuttle the Knicks. Look at the Isiah era, for crying out loud.