On Wednesday, the Knicks held the Pistons to just 77 points. On Thursday, they limited the Thunder — the NBA’s second-best offense — to 95. Without Carmelo Anthony.

When Anthony returns from a right knee injury — he is listed as questionable for tonight’s game against the Jazz — he makes the Knicks’ offense far more formidable. But it also means their defense will change in terms of personnel, minutes and, perhaps, effectiveness.

Since Anthony went down, the Knicks’ defense has been phenomenal. Beginning with the second half of Monday’s game against Cleveland, the Knicks have played 10 full quarters without him. They have surrendered a total of just 208 points, an average of 20.8 per quarter.

"Defensively is where we can hang our hat on because we played great defensively out there,” Amar’e Stoudemire said after the 95-94 loss to the Thunder. “We switched out on players, the bigs switched out on players and guarded well, the guards did a great job on the screen-and-rolls.”