A lot is being made of Kirk Cousins, the former fourth-round pick who didn't play well in limited duty last season, and whether he will be a starter somewhere in 2014. It's a topic of interest for several reasons, chief among them: The guy ahead of Cousins on the depth chart in Washington, Robert Griffin III, struggled through a forgettable 2013 campaign that eventually landed him on the bench for the final three games.

But new Redskins coach Jay Gruden made it clear that RG3 is his guy moving forward, which means that if Cousins wants to play, he'll likely have to do it elsewhere. For now, though, Cousins seems content with his current situation.

“I think it's a win-win for me, because I really do love it here,” Cousins said on 106.7 The Fan (via Sports Bog). “I love this city, I love the fan base, the tradition of our organization. I love the people in our organization, my teammates. I've really come to love it here; I'm very comfortable here in D.C. So If someone were to say, ‘You're gonna be here for a year or two more years' -- or even longer than that -- I really don't have any worries about that.

“That being said, from the day I was drafted, all I've really wanted is the chance to compete to be a starting quarterback,” Cousins continued. “I think that's what all of us ask for, in whatever profession we have, we want a chance to show what we can do. ...

“And because of the situation I was drafted into in D.C., that obviously isn't in the cards for me. And so my attitude all along has been, if someone wants to give me that opportunity to have that chance to compete, I'd love to go somewhere. But right now in D.C. if I stay, my job is to be a great backup and hopefully one day become a starter.”

Last week, there was a report that the going rate for Cousins was a second-round pick. That's a steep price for someone who in five games (three starts) last season threw for 854 yards, completed 58.4 percent of his passes, and tossed four touchdowns versus seven interceptions.