Looks like the Edmonton Oilers are OK as long as they don’t have to play anyone good.

In what’s become a sobering and statistical reality 36 games into the season, the Oilers are simply in over their heads against the top half of the NHL.

While they are solid and respectable .500 against teams below the playoff cutline (eight wins in 16 games), they have just three wins in 20 against teams above it.

They can hang around, like they did Sunday in Anaheim and Tuesday in Los Angeles, but getting a win is usually too much to ask.

Hopes were high that the Oilers were turning a corner after a 7-3-1 run, but four straight losses in the last week, to Boston, Vancouver, Anaheim and 3-0 in Los Angeles showed the struggling franchise exactly where it stands in the NHL’s pecking order. They played hard and kept it close, like they did against the Ducks and Bruins before, but when the game needed winning, the Bruins, Ducks and Kings won.

“I’ve seen this game a lot,” said Oilers winger Taylor Hall. “This was my 200th game tonight and I’ve seen it too many times, where we’re in the game and we just need that one break, that one goal, that one really good power play to get us going and it didn’t happen.

“They’re a good team, they haven’t lost any guys from their Cup winning team, and I thought we showed some good push back. It was just one of those games where one bounce would have been great to see, but like a lot of times this year, we didn’t get it.”

The Oilers kept it to 1-1 for 55 minutes, but the Kings scored twice in the last five minutes to walk away with it.