There is so much that Jason Kidd offers apart from scoring. He brings calmness, wisdom and experience, he’s active defensively and, as the backup point guard, he’s a facilitator for his teammates.

But over the course of the season, Kidd still delivered some scoring — especially when it mattered. He beat the Nets with a game-winning 3-pointer. He sank two from long distance against the Celtics in Game 1.

In the last five games, however, Kidd’s scoring has been a complete zero; he’s gone scoreless since Game 2 against the Celtics. The 40-year-old has missed all 10 shots he’s taken in this five-game scoring drought (0-for-5 from 3-point range). In Game 1 against Indiana on Sunday, he clanged his one attempt (also a 3).

“Jason’s gonna be there when it counts,” Mike Woodson said yesterday.

Kidd has been big in the playoffs during his career, carrying the Nets to two NBA Finals and winning a championship with the Mavericks two years ago. His lack of scoring now isn’t about being scared of the big stage.

And Kidd’s lack of scoring certainly isn’t the Knicks’ primary problem. He averaged 6.0 points during the season, so the team doesn’t need him to score to win — it’s not as if he’s J.R. Smith. Still, when Kidd literally offers zero from a scoring standpoint, it heaps even more pressure on Smith, Carmelo Anthony and Co.

Does Kidd need or want to be more aggressive? Not in his eyes.