Kevin Garnett spent a good portion of last night’s postgame session with the media discussing his latest accomplishment, becoming the 16th player in NBA history to cross the 25,000-point threshold.

But something deeper bubbled up from within. Garnett wanted everyone to know where his heart is as an NBA player.

“I just wanted to say that I love my situation here,” he offered up before heading for the locker room door. “I don’t know what ya’ll sources are, or are making up these (expletive) articles that have me being traded to Denver and all these other places, but I bleed green and I continue to do that. If the Celtics (want me) then I’m going to retire a Celtic.”

Garnett was more reticent about his scoring accomplishment.

“Someday when I’m in a rocking chair having a cigar it will make some sense to me,” he said. “But with Doc (Rivers), all the coaches, the system and the great players who have been here I’m more than honored. If I wasn’t with the coaches and players who put you in a position to score the basketball, none of this would have been possible. I try to keep my body up and pieced together. So many components go into individual awards and I’m more than honored, but thank you to the ones you guys don’t see.”