The Nets paid a hefty price in salary, luxury-tax commitments and future unprotected draft picks to acquire Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from the Celtics.

But don’t count Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge among those who think the Nets overpaid for players who have played too many minutes and have little left to offer their new team.

“Heavens, no,” Ainge said after the Celtics’ press conference to discuss the trade and introduce Keith Bogans, MarShon Brooks and Kris Humphries at the team’s practice facility. “They’ve got a lot left in the tank, especially [because of] the fact that they don’t have to do it every night. If Paul and [Garnett] had to go out there and be player A and B every night and score 20 and 10 every night, yeah, there’d be some concern.

“But we just saw [Garnett] get 17 rebounds a game three games in a row in an NBA playoff series, so I would not be feeling sorry for [the Nets] now.”

Ainge said he would have been perfectly comfortable heading into next season with Pierce and Garnett on the roster and giving it one more go with both of them. Before the Nets came along, Ainge didn’t think he was going to get an offer to convince him to move either of his future Hall of Famers, in addition to Jason Terry.

“If there were no good offers, which there hadn’t been over the last couple of years, it would have been very easy to [bring them back] and try to fill in the roster,” Ainge said. “They were under contract — KG for two more years and Paul for another year — and we would have kept everybody together.”