Here's the drill during the playoffs when a team doesn't hold a practice: it is required to provide one coach and several players to fulfill media commitments. The team picks the players, not reporters.

Ryan Kesler, stupendous in both Game 3 and 4 against the Nashville Predators, was not one of the Vancouver Canucks offered up Friday when the team charter landed at the South Terminal.

So it was left to Daniel Sedin to throw the bouquets in Kesler's direction. The Canucks lead the series 3-1 and can end it Saturday at Rogers Arena (5 p.m., CBC, Team 1040).

"Kes has been really, really good in this series," said Daniel. "He's good on the penalty kill, he's in front of the net on the power play and, last game, he scored a highlight goal, of course. I don't know if he is getting into their heads, that's tough to say. You have to ask them about that, but it was obviously a bad penalty for them [Ryan Suter on Kesler] and we scored on the power play."

The winning goal, to be completely accurate.