Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin recently joined Yahoo! Sports Radio to talk about the program. Here are some highlights.

On Texas coach Charlie Strong calling Texas A&M a gadget program:

“I guess based on today we better get some more gadgets at our place then. I’m not going to get caught up in that. It’s working for us. We’re not going to change. And if anything, maybe we just need to step it up a notch in that area. I think players and prospects understand the direction we’re headed and how we’re doing things. As great a job as our assistant coaches did this year, as well as we’re recruiting – the reality is, we’re still third in our own division behind LSU and Alabama. That’s where our focus is. That’s where we want to be, to try to compete for championships.”

On Kyle Allen enrolling early:

“When you have an opportunity to be able to play, particularly next year when the job is open, you know, spring football, to train with those guys, to have that whole semester is a big deal. The summer, the quarterbacks run the 7-on-7’s and go through fall camp, he’s going to have a very good opportunity to compete with Kenny Hill, the Gatorade Player of the Year, a year ago. He’s a Southlake Carroll guy whose been through the pressure and played a little last year. Both those guys came here and knew Johnny (Manziel) was playing. They weren’t deterred by that. They were motivated to be the next guy. And obviously with Kyle graduating early, he’s making a statement that he’s here to compete to start next year.”

On losing Johnny Manziel:

“At a certain point it stops being luck. We feel pretty good about the guys coming in. We’ve got a strong offensive line. We lost another great one in Jake Matthews. We’ve got four of our five returning. We recruited two great junior college offensive linemen that will compete. We brought in some fabulous high school offensive linemen. I look forward to this year.