As he made his way through a media horde to step in front of the team banner that would be the backdrop at his introductory press conference, Kevin Martin on Monday casually was asked how he was doing.

"I'm doing great now," said the slender new shooting guard who arrived Sunday as part of a package for James Harden.

There was something behind the response, something more significant that simple satisfaction of Martin having gotten his first practice in a Thunder uniform under his belt. The "now" had meaning, a purpose.

"Coming to an organization and a team that is building a great team with a great supporting cast in the community," Martin said, "I think they just have the right makings for any player to want to come and play for them."

The winning doesn't hurt, either, especially for Martin.

After eight NBA seasons, Martin finally fell into a good situation, a successful team set up to make a deep playoff run. Throughout his career, the now 29-year-old sharpshooter has been the star player putting up eye-popping point averages on bad-to-mediocre teams. He hasn't journeyed to the playoffs since 2006 — and that trip ended after just six first-round games against San Antonio.