Kevin Martin is a remarkable offensive player, but this we knew.

"Kevin can fill it up … pretty quickly, and I'm sure you guys have seen that the last few years," a smiling Kevin Durant told reporters of his new teammate after Monday's practice, and Durant is the guy who has scored more points than anybody in the NBA the last three seasons.

Martin apparently also knows how to play defense, which to this point has been a well-kept secret.

From the outset of this preseason, Houston Rockets coach Kevin McHale heaped praise upon Martin. "Kevin's been great," McHale said Oct. 4. "He's been working his tail off. His defense has been really solid."

Granted, maybe McHale was trying to shop Martin around the league and inflated the truth a bit, but McHale usually doesn't fib about defense.

On Saturday, the Thunder traded away James Harden, Cole Aldrich, Daequan Cook and Lazar Hayward in exchange for Martin, rookie Jeremy Lamb and three draft picks.