Kevin Garnett made it clear that his recruiting of Glen (Big Baby) Davis is not a romantic courtship. There was one phone call to a good friend, a pitch from Garnett to a former teammate about joining the Nets as a free agent.

But there will be no candy or flowers waiting at Davis’ doorstep.

“Big Baby’s not my f------ valentine,” he declared as he ended his three-minute session with reporters Saturday.

Davis remains the Nets’ top choice to fill their hole in the frontcourt, with a historic backup option in Jason Collins. According to ESPN, Davis is expected to make a decision before Monday, with the Clippers and Nets as the front-runners.

Garnett is going head-to-head with his former Boston coach Doc Rivers, who is now carrying the flag for the Clippers.

“I guess Baby’s a hot commodity right now,” said Garnett, who once made Davis cry after yelling at him during a timeout in 2008.

“I’ve been around those guys for a few years, and based on their relationships, on Doc’s relationship with Big Baby and Kevin’s relationship with Big Baby, I would say … they both have had some up and down moments,” Paul Pierce said. “But, hopefully, Big Baby favors Kevin as a friend in this one.”

Garnett said he calls Davis about every two weeks to catch up with a friend, and his pitch coincidentally occurred during one of these conversations before the Magic bought out Davis’ contract. He’s averaging 12.1 points with 6.3 rebounds in 45 games this season.

“I didn’t even know Orlando bought him out. It was a coincidence that we were on the phone and I guess he was going through it the same day and that’s how I found out,” Garnett said. “I think Big Baby can help us and obviously I voiced my opinion on that.”

“Garnett’s very convincing,” Pierce added. “When he talks, people tend to listen. In the situation with Big Baby, he was like Kevin’s little brother.”

Jason Kidd was Collins’ teammate, but Collins, 35, hasn’t played since April. Davis, 28, can contribute much more in this stage of his career.

“Everything I’ve talked about with KG, (Davis) is a great teammate,” Kidd said. “So if we can hopefully get that done, that would be great.”

Garnett played with Collins last season on the Celtics, not long before Collins revealed he is gay in a Sports Illustrated article.

The belief is that at least part of the reason Collins has not secured a contract is because of the potential distractions of having the NBA’s first openly gay player. As he tried to sell Davis, Garnett also stressed the importance of promoting equal rights.

“I think it’s important that anybody who has capabilities and skill level to have a chance to do something he’s great at or one of the things he’s good at,” Garnett said. “I think it’d be biased and, in a sense racist, if you were to take that opportunity from a person.”

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