Kevin Garnett isn’t letting the uncertainty of the Celtics’ current situation get to him. He knows Danny Ainge has promised to fill two open roster spots by the Feb. 21 trading deadline, and he’s heard his own name in trade rumors.

But when he asked a reporter how he was doing and got a response of, “Living the dream,” Garnett, who scored a season-high 27 points in a 99-95 win against the Raptors last night, smiled and said, “That makes two of us.”

Most dreams don’t contain as much uncertainty as exists now in the Celtics dressing room, uncertainty that grew exponentially when Rajon Rondo tore his ACL. But Garnett is in a different situation, at least personally. He has a no-trade clause, so he essentially can call his own shot. So what, he was asked yesterday, does he want?

“You’re looking at it,” he said after a laugh. “You’re looking at it. I didn’t make this. I didn’t start all this.”

When it was noted again that he is in control, Garnett said, “I’m leaving the liaison to what people think this is. I know my cards. I know my cards. I know the hand I’m holding.”

No big deal

The Celts host the Lakers tonight in a game that has been profoundly devoid of the usual hype.

“It’s probably both of our faults,” coach Doc Rivers said. “Neither one of has the record that either one of us thought, so nobody’s talking about it. So blame us, both teams. But it’s still the Lakers and the Celtics.”

The C’s come in at 25-23 with five straight victories, while the Lakers are 23-26 after winning three straight and six of their past seven.

“I haven’t really put too much thought into it,” Paul Pierce said. “(But) it’s always exciting. Everybody’s always excited to watch Boston-L.A. no matter what the records are.”