The fine folks at CelticsHub compiled all the Garnett quotes from today's practice media session:

Can this team as constructed go very far?

"My own personal view on this team, I won't share them. Management usually makes those decisions on what they feel is best for the organization. A lot of the time players are just parts, and moving. No decision-making [from them]. Danny talks to key guys here about decision-making and that's cool. He always give us important information and has been upfront with us. I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon."

If Danny has a deal that's best for the team moving forward, yu'd accept going somewhere else?

"When you define his best and what I feel is best, maybe that's different. I won't comment on things that haven't happened. But you know, this is what I am, so don't get that messed up all right?"

KG's the kind of vet that doesn't talk in player speak. He's honest and doesn't mince words, but he's also very careful when it comes to talking about things that he doesn't have control over. If you read between the lines, there are two things that certainly stick out: 1) there's a gap between what KG and the management thinks this team is capable of, 2) he's fiercely loyal to the Celtics and specifically Paul Pierce and 3) rumors are rumors and he doesn't think anything is going to happen.