When he was just 23 and his second year in the NFL, Dan Marino led the Miami Dolphins to Super Bowl XIX and lost to the San Francisco 49ers. With so much talent and so much time ahead in his eventual Hall of Fame career, Marino was expected to make many more trips and win a few titles before he called it quits.

Marino retired in 1999 as one of the most prolific quarterbacks in NFL history, but not only did he never win a ring, he never made it back to a Super Bowl.

Kevin Durant was born less than four years after Marino's lone chance in the championship game, but the 23-year-old still doesn't want to hear anyone tell him he'll have more chances to win a title with Oklahoma City if the Thunder fails to upend the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

"That's the one thing I hate is when people say that," Durant said on Saturday. "Because we're young, most of the guys are 22, 23, and people are going to say we'll be here next year or the year after that. But nothing is guaranteed. With the way this league is going, so many great teams, you never know."