The longer Kevin Durant spoke after Monday's practice, the bigger his smile got. The nine-minute interview session seemed cathartic for the three-time NBA scoring champ as he explained what's gone wrong in the Thunder's disappointing 1-2 start.

What was missing in Sunday night's 104-95 loss at home against Atlanta?

"Effort. It's as simple as that. We've got to bring more on the defensive end. On the offensive end, I know I have to be more aggressive, strong and quicker and just do everything I can to help my team passing, rebounding and scoring. On defense, we all have to be on the same page."

Coach Scott Brooks has thrown a lot of different lineup rotations at you. Has that thrown you guys off?

"We easily could have been 3-0. We're not putting it on rotations or anything on why we lost those two games. We had those guys (the Hawks down by nine) and we didn't execute. We (were up three at) San Antonio and we had two breakdowns in that fourth quarter. It's not like we're totally discombobulated (or) out of sync. We're playing together. We're passing the ball well, our defense is good at times, but it could be better. We've just got to lock in and focus in every single minute."