Serge Ibaka had just supplied the stop of the season, and yet Russell Westbrook was woofing at him like he had done something wrong.

But Westbrook was only trying to help.

As Ibaka secured the ball immediately after blocking Denver guard Arron Afflalo's shot last Sunday, Westbrook shouted to Ibaka to get the ball to Kevin Durant, pointing frantically to the Thunder's best foul shooter. By sinking two, Durant could extend the team's lead to six with 20 seconds remaining and help Oklahoma City survive an overtime thriller.

With just one, Durant would reach the 50-point plateau for the first time — and Westbrook knew it.

Much of the past month has been filled with similarly telling moments, in-game tidbits that have revealed the true relationship between Durant and Westbrook. Last weekend's NBA All-Star gala only helped to build that bond.