Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert made it known again on Thursday in his interview on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he is open to drafting any position in any round in the upcoming draft and that includes quarterback.

Colbert was asked during the interview if he would look at drafting a quarterback in the upcoming draft and start planning for the future with both Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich being long in the tooth.

"Absolutely," Colbert said. "You have to address it and your not going to address it long term via free agency. That's just not going to happen in our situation. You might be able to get a younger backup in the mix and that's something we'll take a look at, but you do have to think about the future, because none of our players are going to last forever.

"Quarterback is not unique to that at all in our thinking, so we'll be open to any position in any round. As far as the quarterback group that's in this draft, there might not be the marquee Andrew Luck or RG3 (Robert Griffin III) in this group, but as we learned last year with Russell Wilson ... fourth round, right? Third round."