Every time it seems Phil Kessel and Joffrey Lupul are losing steam, they get back to being coal-stokers and goalscorers.

So no one in the engine room was fretting much on Thursday when the numbers were tallied, Kessel with two goals and one assist the past 10 games, Lupul one goal and four helpers. You don't hang out with the NHL's top 10 scorers all season by staying in those funks very long.

"We thought our line played really well in Pittsburgh," said Tyler Bozak, the centre for the duo. "We could have had four or five goals and we had one called back. It's nothing to worry about, we're still getting our chances. It's only a matter of time."

But defenceman Luke Schenn said the whole Leaf line can expect an already tight-checking reception to be squeezed harder in the final 31 games.

"You saw it the past two games against the Malkin line," Schenn said. "(An extended slump) hasn't happened to them all year and even if it does, other teams will have matched them with their top lines and defence pairings."