Half a dozen shifts of the head, hips, shoulders — all of Phil Kessel's significant body parts twitching, confounding the goalie, puck on his stick from the red line, beneficiary of a penalty shot awarded.

Thinking . . . uh, nothin' much.

"Thinking, hopefully I would score. I just kind of went down and took what I saw.''

A near-replay of what had transpired just moments earlier, except without ex-Leaf Ian White on his tail hounding and pestering, denying Kessel the clear shot to which he was entitled on a breakaway off a gorgeous stretch pass to the tape from Tim Connolly.

Kessel is one-for-two on career penalty shots now; whiffed it last time whilst still a Boston Bruin.

It was instant drama with just 4 1/2 minutes gone on this Saturday Night Special at the Air Canada Centre, the penalty shot still a thing of eye-widening spectacle, for all that the one-on-one challenge has been diminished, rendered common, by OT shootout gimmickry.