Now eight weeks into his rehab, Jeff Keppinger likes how his ankle has responded thus far.

The White Sox infielder singled in his first at-bat and finished 1-for-3 in an exhibition game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday. Keppinger, who was the team’s designated hitter Sunday, will play in the same role again on Monday when the Sox travel to Scottsdale, Ariz. to face the San Francisco Giants.

While compared to a normal spring, Keppinger is still behind with his throwing, but the veteran knows he has plenty of time to get up to speed after breaking his right fibula in November.

“I haven’t had any swelling,” Keppinger said. “All activities have been full go to do. I haven’t had any set backs with the ankle. I’m sure I’ll be out there in a few days. It’s basically just building up my arm, being able to throw the ball across the infield. I wasn’t able to push off pretty much until I got down here so I’ve had two weeks to start throwing. As soon as I get it up strong enough, then they’re going to throw me out there. Since we’re down here early there was really no rush to try to get it in super fast.”

Keppinger said his biggest issue is shifting directions on the bases, specifically when he takes a secondary lead. But he hasn’t had any issues planting in the field and likes how he has come along.