Kendrick Perkins visited his old stomping grounds on Wednesday, attending the Oklahoma City Thunder’s shootaround and watching them beat the New York Knicks 106-105 at Chesapeake Energy Arena. In an interview with The Oklahoman, he said that he was surprised that his former teammate Kevin Durant left for the Golden State Warriors, casually adding that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if Durant returned to the Thunder:

I was. I was surprised. I thought maybe if he would have left, I thought he probably would have ended up back in D.C. or maybe even with the Spurs. That move, it surprised me just like it surprised everybody else. But like Kevin said – when I talked to him, he said he made a decision that made him happy. Obviously the Golden State Warriors must have made him feel wanted, like they wanted him. They must have done a hell of a job recruiting him and he just made a decision for himself. But I wouldn’t be surprised if he be back here in the near future.

My first thought: Durant must be annoyed with his friend Perkins for this. The last thing he needs is to answer questions about potentially going back to Oklahoma City while he’s focused on winning a title with Golden State. Durant has already said that he plans to be with the Warriors for a long time, and even if he is open to the possibility of pulling a LeBron James after several seasons, he doesn’t need this to be a topic of conversation now.