The last time we heard from Kendrick Perkins he was telling us how excited he was to finally have a summer free of surgery.

A month later Perkins underwent another surgery.

He had arthroscopic surgery on his right knee last month a procedure he confirmed was minor and insisted hasn't negatively affected him.

“It was just a scope basically like a vacuum” Perkins told The Oklahoman. “You go in and clean up unnecessary scar tissue that was there. It wasn't nothing serious. I was back on the court within two weeks. I haven't had any problems with it.”

That's good news for Perkins his fans and his critics.

Perkins himself admitted that he was displeased with his performance last season. And so he's dedicated this offseason to developing his skills and improving his game.

“I've been working man” Perkins said. “Been in the gym and basically just working more in the weight room on my explosiveness and touch around the basket hook shots and stuff like that. I've been shooting a lot of jumpers making sure I make 300 a night. I'm just trying to prepare.”