Matt Kemp almost had it.

In his fourth at-bat of spring training, Kemp worked deep into the count against Cleveland Indians pitcher Corey Kluber, saw a ball he liked and sent it screaming toward the gap in right-center field.

Roughly 400 feet from home plate, the ball fell into the glove of center fielder Michael Bourn.

It was the best at-bat of the spring for Kemp, who also struck out and grounded out in three plate appearances Sunday.

"My timing's a little weird," he said. "Every at-bat's a step forward."

The Dodgers have a day off today before playing the San Diego Padres on Tuesday. Kemp, who had surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder last October, could be back in center field by then after being the Dodgers' designated hitter Friday and Sunday.

If anything, it might help his timing.

"It's different DH-ing," he said. "Usually I'm moving around, loose. You have to take a different approach when you're DH-ing. I respect anyone that goes out there and DHs because it's tough."

Trout responds

One day after the Angels renewed his salary for $510,000, $20,000 above the major-league minimum, Mike Trout said he was "just happy to be in the lineup."

"I mean, my time will come," Trout said before a team meeting, according to multiple reports. "I just have to keep putting out numbers and concentrating on one thing, and that's getting to the postseason."