Slow starts. Leaky defense. A propensity for giving up offensive rebounds.

There are patterns to the Charlotte Bobcats' recent struggles that go beyond the rat-tat-tat of an 11-game losing streak. The above flaws trumped a career-high 32 points from Kemba Walker on Saturday, as the Orlando Magic beat them 107-98 at Time Warner Cable Arena.

Playing the 10-13 Magic at home could have been this team's oasis before a brutal four-games-in-five nights trip to the Western Conference starting Tuesday against the Los Angeles Lakers. Instead, they could be looking at a losing streak of 15 or more before they right themselves.

The Magic might not be a playoff contender, but Orlando took advantage of the same flaws the Atlanta Hawks, Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder did: the Bobcats gave up 54 percent shooting, including a ghastly 60 points scored in the lane, the Bobcats fell behind 29-21 in the first quarter, and they gave up 11 offensive rebounds.