The countdown to spring training continues, but we're not there yet, so for now, we're not sure who's in the best shape of their life, who's going with a new batting stance or who's supposedly taken ground balls for four hours a day all winter.

But with FanFest come and gone and the Royals Caravan trips wrapping up. many Royals gave a preview of what they'll be saying once they get to Surprise.

This is the offseason song and dance. There are all the same cliches tossed out about wanting to do right by the team and how this year feels like it's coming together and giving 100%. No, nothing else is really expected out of these appearances. Players aren't usually going to express their doubts or question their team's abilities, and maybe they shouldn't. Confidence is part of the deal. But after a busy start to the offseason, the rest of the winter has slown to a crawl.

That doesn't mean that everything players say this time of year is useless. Far from it. A few choice quotes have stood out, some from unexpected sources.