Mrs. Josh Hamilton gently brushed her blond bangs from just above her eyes, leaned forward and locked in.

"I just prayed to God," said Katie Hamilton, a woman much stronger and feistier than her delicate, demure looks and petite frame might indicate.

"We've lived in so many places and gotten past so many obstacles, and every time, God has planted us somewhere, giving us a present in life that we unwrap over and over again every day."

Her prayers, she said, have brought husband Josh Hamilton, 31, the 2010 AL MVP and five-time All-Star slugger, from the Texas Rangers to the Angels this offseason on a five-year, $125 million deal.

So Katie, their four daughters – Julia (Shea), 11, Sierra, 7, Michaela Grace, 4, and Stella, 1 – and their longtime nanny/housekeeper, Lucia, are making the move to Southern California to be with Josh, to live with Josh, to cheer for Josh, to wake up and go to sleep and do everything outside of hopping in the batter's box with Josh.

That's because Josh, their ballplayer and recovering drug-addict husband and father depends on his family as a constant, as a fixture in his daily, well-structured, sober-living routine.

He relies on their love, attention and support in a life that can be so instantly imperiled by a single failure to resist temptation, to avoid the triggers and to deny dangerous impulses.

"I've talked about my support system: God, my wife and kids, (my accountability coach) Shayne Kelley," Josh Hamilton said at his introductory Angels news conference on Dec. 15 at ESPNZone at Downtown Disney.

"Wherever I'm going to be, they're going to be."

The family, which also plans to keep its Westlake, Texas, home and ranch, began househunting on Dec. 16 for an in-season residence in Orange County.

"We go where Josh goes," Katie said. "It has been that way since the beginning, going from North Carolina to Florida, Cincinnati, Texas and now here. We're all for some palm trees and water."

Katie believes God has saved her husband, giving him the second, third, fourth and next chance to be not just a superstar ballplayer but a better man.

Her role is to try to understand and, at times, to forgive. She shows her faith the way her husband shows spectators his muscles and tattoos.

She has been by his side for his recovery, relapses and redemption, though she wasn't there when his self-destruction first began.

Katie Chadwick knew Josh Hamilton from Athens Drive High School in Raleigh, N.C. But she didn't know anything about baseball or the talent of Hamilton, who was drafted first overall in 1999 by the Tampa Bay Rays and received a $3.96 million signing bonus.