Random conversation at the dressing room stall of soon-to-be second-time all-star Erik Karlsson hours before he and the Senators tackle the Calgary Flames ...

So the sign in the SBP crowd says, "Hey Karlsson, Tame The Mane" and now you've done just that. When did you get the haircut?

Karlsson: "Thursday."


Karlsson: "And it looks good."

Why, though?

Karlsson: "Because it was annoying. It was everywhere. I couldn't even get a ponytail if I wanted to."

A lot of kids were starting to let the flow grow, to look like Erik Karlsson.

Karlsson: "I know, I know. But everything has its time and the hair was a bit overdue, so I tried something new."

Are they gonna let you take another draw any time soon?