As always, Enes Kanter was borderline hilarious with the media on Thursday afternoon, cracking jokes, smiling and generally being comfortable in front of a crowd.

But locker room clean-out day for the Jazz yielded a more serious side to Utah’s third-year center. He was clearly miffed at not receiving more playing time this season. He stated that the five younger guys on the roster should’ve played more frequently together, and made it clear that he wants that rectified next season.

"They told us it was a rebuilding year," Kanter said. "If we are not winning a championship, why are the young guys not more together?"

His comments prelude a big summer for he and shooting guard Alec Burks. Both are heading into the fourth and final seasons of their respective rookie contracts. Both are eligible for extensions beginning in July.

And if that window of opportunity slides through with nothing accomplished, both will be heading into contract years in 2014 — just like Gordon Hayward was this past season.

"It’s definitely something we’ll explore," Jazz general manager Dennis Lindsey said. "Whether we get a deal done, I don’t know. But we’ll sit down and talk to both of their representatives when the time comes."

Kanter and Burks are two of the bigger names on the roster. But their situations underscore the fact that Lindsey will have a lot of decisions to make on a lot of pending free agents on his team. Richard Jefferson, Marvin Williams, Andris Biedrins and Brandon Rush are all unrestricted. Hayward — much talked about — is a restricted free agent, which means the Jazz have the right to match any offer. A host of other players have non-guaranteed deals heading into next season.