Headaches and dizzyness are now a part of Chris Kaman's life after the Dallas Mavericks' center took a nasty spill during Monday's practice at American Airlines Center.

Kaman suffered a concussion during a collision with some teammates and is sidelined indefnitely. In reviewing how he was injured, Kaman said:

"I just got undercut in practice and landed on my head. It was a weird play. (Jae) Crowder drove down the middle, Elton (Brand) tried to take a charge and Elton slid to his left and took my leg out.

"I tried to block it and I was three feet in the air on my side and didn't know where to go. Obviously it all happened real fast.''

So fast that Kaman hardly had time to break his fall.

"I landed on my head from about three feet in the air, and it hurt and I was dizzy a little bit,'' Kaman said. "And then my vision was a little blurry for a little bit, then it slowly went away.

"And today I've been having a headache for the last two days, and my neck is killing me.''