Orlando City soccer players didn't know who was walking toward their practice.

The Lions were caught off guard. No one told them to look out for anything special, and they didn't expect a former FIFA World Player of the Year to visit practice.

That might have been why everyone's jaw dropped when soccer star Kaká came into view at the Seminole Soccer Complex practice field last week.

"I just couldn't stop thinking about all the players he's played against and all the teams he has played on," said Luke Boden, an Orlando City defender. "You don't know how hard it is to play at that kind of level."

Still amazed after practice, Boden watched YouTube videos of the Real Madrid midfielder effortlessly avoid defenders on his way to a brilliant goal.

Fellow defender Rob Valentino just couldn't shake how normal Kaká was in person.

"He's a lot thinner than the TV shows him," Valentino said. "He's just like you and me, though."