The 49ers have pulled back the reins on quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s running this season. That is certainly the perception. But have they?

In reality, Kaepernick’s numbers are not much different than what they were a year ago during the regular season.

In seven games as the starter last season, Kaepernick averaged six rushing attempts for 34 yards per game. He scored just two rushing touchdowns as a starter. (His biggest output came in a nine-rush, 84-yard performance in an overtime loss at St. Louis.)

In the first 12 games this season, Kaepernick is averaging 5.75 rushing attempts for 31.3 yards. He has three rushing touchdowns. In Week 2, Kaepernick gained a season-high 87 yards on nine rushes against the Seattle Seahawks.

Do the 49ers consciously limit Kaepernick’s rushing attempts in the regular season?