For one brief moment on Monday night, foe became friend.

For one brief moment, Peter DeBoer looked at Nazem Kadri and saw the gem he helped develop from a raw kid years ago with the Kitchener Rangers, not the dangerous Maple Leafs forward who was trying to defeat his New Jersey Devils.

And when the teacher, for that one brief moment, locked eyes with his former student, he flashed Kadri a smile.

Here’s where the discrepancy comes in.

According to DeBoer, it happened once.

“Ya, I gave him one before he started (producing points) against us,” DeBoer admitted after Kadri’s goal and assist led the Leafs to a 4-2 victory over the Devils.

Kadri saw it differently.

“He gave me a couple of grins from the bench,” Kadri said.

A couple?

DeBoer said it was only one.

Looks like Peter DeBoer and Nazem Kadri were seeing things differently. Again. Just like their Kitchener days.

Some things never change.

Of course, this time, the difference in opinion was all in fun. In fact, on this night, both men couldn’t stop spewing their mutual admiration for each other.

But it wasn’t always that way.

When talking about DeBoer, Kadri uses the term “tough love” to describe how the then-Kitchener coach treated him during his junior days.