Tomas Kaberle won't be the most forceful personality in the Carolina Hurricanes' dressing room next season.

Nor will he be the one expecting to be smothered by media attention. And he won't be the one ordering younger players to follow his lead.

So says Canes coach Paul Maurice, who explained, "He does not seek the spotlight. That's not something he's comfortable with. That's not him.

"He's a really nice man and a really good hockey player. In a lot of ways, he's a lot like his brother. They have very similar personalities."

Kaberle, who signed a three-year, $12.75 million free-agent contract Tuesday with Carolina, and his older brother, Frantisek Kaberle, also have something else in common: Both defensemen have won Stanley Cups.

Frantisek Kaberle was on Carolina's 2006 championship team, and Tomas Kaberle lifted the Cup this year with the Boston Bruins.

Tomas Kaberle became an unrestricted free agent Friday, which he called a "long day." Traded to Boston by the Toronto Maple Leafs in February, the former All-Star said he enjoyed his time playing for Bruins.

"Everybody was great to me right from the first day when I got in," he said during a Wednesday conference call.

Boston made him a contract offer, Kaberle said, adding that it was "a little bit different" than the Carolina offer. He offered no other details, however.

"Sometimes," Kaberle said, "it's about the business."

More than mere dollar signs were involved, Kaberle said. His brother had praised the Hurricanes' organization and the passion of Canes fans.