Just win, baby?

With apologies to the late Al Davis, Khalil Mack clearly stated the revised mission statement Monday for the 2017 Raiders:

“Just win now,” Mack said as the Raiders kicked off their offseason program. “That’s what it comes down to. That’s all we want to do. Because we don’t know what’s going t happen down the line. This team we have now, we want to focus on winning now.”

With a healthy media contingent in tow, including print and television reporters from Las Vegas, the Raiders trotted out Mack, quarterback Derek Carr and center Rodney Hudson to address an active offseason that included the news of the club’s relocation and other issues.

Mack, upon being named the NFL Defensive Player of the Year, was so self-satisfied with the honor that he doubled the amount of time off this off-season.

“I squeezed in two (days) this year,” Mack said. “My mom made me.”

In other words, it doesn’t appear Mack will allow stardom to go to his head.

“That was the motivation I needed,” Mack said. “It only heightened everything from preparation, to workout, to just knowing everything you can get better at, even though you did have that success. It made me more hungry.”

As for Las Vegas, Mack conceded there is an initial awkwardness with the Raiders’ lame duck status, although he expects the feeling won’t last long.