Whether he really doesn't remember that playoff series in 2003 or if it has been blocked out as part of a trauma avoidance syndrome, Daniel Sedin doesn't want to dwell on the 2003 series with Minnesota.

That was a season — like this one — where the Canucks were a favourite to win the Stanley Cup.

They got up 3-1 on the Wild in the Western Conference semifinal — the same position they are in with Nashville heading into tonight's Game 5 at Rogers Arena — and somehow managed to lose the next three games and the series.

"I don't really have too many memories of that," said Sedin, who, along with twin brother Henrik and veteran defenceman Sami Salo, are the only remaining players from that team.

"But I know we've been in this situation before, even last round against Chicago. We realize we can't take any games off. Even letting it drop off by five per cent can't happen. We've got to be 100 per cent. That way, we know we've got a good chance."

Clearly, the scare the Canucks got last series against the Blackhawks — where a 3-0 series lead morphed into a seventh game, won in OT by Vancouver — should be enough of a reminder for the current crew. And no one needs to tell them that avoiding an extra trip to Nashville and back will serve them in good stead if they have any thoughts about a deep playoff run.

"We realize it's going to be a tough game," said Sedin, vowing nothing will be taken for granted tonight. "We know we're not going to outscore them by a mile. It's going to be a tight game going into the third. We've been fortunate to have the lead the last few games and that's when we're good."

Sedin, the NHL regular-season scoring champion, hasn't scored in five games, but the Canucks have been able to take control of the series because they've been able to tighten up their game.