The NFL’s leader in receptions through two weeks won’t earn an automatic trip to the Pro Bowl. However a vacation to Revis Island appears to be the consolation prize for Julian Edelman.

Edelman is tied with Texans receiver Andre Johnson with 20 grabs and he is the only healthy Patriots pass-catcher who has been consistent enough to draw Darrelle Revis’ shadow when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers visit Gillette Stadium on Sunday.

Of course if Revis still played for the Jets Edelman would be guaranteed to face him for the entire game. But there is no certainty that Bucs coach Greg Schiano will follow the same routine as Rex Ryan. Revis has played both man and zone coverages in Tampa Bay and he has switched sides in the first two games against the Jets and Saints but his usage has been different than in previous seasons.

“I don’t know” Edelman said yesterday when asked if he expects to get the Revis treatment. “I’m expecting to go out there and try to do my job whoever is on me whatever coverage we see. Ultimately right now we’re just thinking about going out there getting these practices down and trying to take the stuff from the classroom to the grass.

“You don’t necessarily know what this team is going to do so you’ve got to practice what you see on the tape and go from there and try to execute.”

Edelman did not see much of Revis during his first four seasons in the NFL. During that span the lockdown cornerback when healthy spent most of his time on Randy Moss Wes Welker and Aaron Hernandez.

But consider the Pats’ remaining healthy running backs tight ends and receivers have 11 total receptions in two weeks so it makes sense for the Bucs to press Revis on Edelman and force Tom Brady to find a rhythm with Aaron Dobson Kenbrell Thompkins and Josh Boyce.

Of course it would be advantageous for the Patriots to move Edelman up and down the line and test Revis’ mobility on different routes as he continues to work his way back from an ACL tear. Either way Edelman knows he could find himself in the middle of a serious challenge.

“He’s big” Edelman said of Revis. “He’s strong. He’s got the lanky arms. He’s instinctive. He’s got good short-area quickness. He’s just an overall really good corner.”