When the NFL and a slew of former players reached a $765 million settlement on the concussion lawsuit a few months ago, the primary reaction was that it was a steal for the league. Judge Anita Brody apparently feels the same way and has rejected the initial settlement.

The Associated Press reports from Philadelphia that Brody rejected the settlement, "fearing the sum may not be enough to cover injured players."

This is part of the process. As attorney Turner Broughton told CBSSports.com following the initial settlement, this hearing before Judge Brody wasn't just to "rubber-stamp" the settlement. Brody has to "look at and it has to analyze whether the settlement is fair and reasonable and meets those factors."

Clearly Brody didn't feel that way. According to the AP, the judge is "mostly concerned that not all retired players who are someday diagnosed with a related brain injury will be paid."