J.R. Smith said Saturday he wishes fans had a better “sense of humor,” said he believes his sneaker-lace saga has become “a distraction to the team,” that he has been doing the stunt for five years, and he has no idea when he’ll play next for the Knicks.
Essentially, Smith showed little remorse and said he’s “extremely surprised” by the backlash against him.

“I see both sides of it,’’ said Smith, who was fined $50,000 by the NBA for untying the laces of Shawn Marion Sunday in Dallas, then trying to repeat the stunt on Tuesday. “I’ve been doing it four, five years. I’ve only seen it from the joking side. It is what it is. I guess some people don’t have a sense of humor.”

Woodson said at the Knicks morning shootaround at Temple before Saturday night’s 76ers game that he wouldn’t comment on Smith’s future playing status — an indicator things are status quo. Smith was benched in Thursday’s victory over the Heat and continued to compound the issue by posing for a picture after the game at a nightclub, shown untying a clubgoer’s shoe.

“I’m not talking about J.R. and his situation,’’ Woodson said. “Just talk about the game.’’

Smith said he and Woodson talked Friday, but doesn’t know if the situation had been squared away. Judging by Woodson’s tone, it hasn’t. Knicks brass was furious that after Smith was warned by Woodson and the NBA following the Marion incident, Smith continued to joke about it the next game vs. Detroit, feigning an attempt at Greg Monroe’s sneaker. Owner James Dolan, The Post has reported, originally was disappointed in Smith for posting a message about “betrayal’’ when his brother Chris Smith was cut.